Car to Artic Course

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Cat C+E (Artic)
Car to Artic (CAT B-C+E) Course and HGV TRanining and CPC licenses

Course Details

Estimated time to pass: 6 days training
From car to Artic in a matter of weeks.
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From car to artic in a matter of weeks

Fancy just getting straight into the big stuff?? Well maybe we have the deal for you!!

From Car to Artic in just a matter of a few weeks. We take care of everything, all you have to do is PASS!!

With our own training centre and a team of trainers with over 30 years of experience look no further.

What do i get for my money?

Step 1...
Don't worry we will arrange a time and date and all paperwork so we know you have done it right.

Step 2...
Theory and hazard...
Using our revision material could not be easier. all provided with the course also we will also book your theory and hazard tests for you at you local centre.

Step 3...
MOD 2 Case studies CPC...
Another theory side but never worry, our revision material will help you through the learning.

Step 4...
Now the fun begins. you will be introduced into the HGV world by driving one of our 18 ton rigids for your first day. Then moving into the world of a 44ton artic or drawbar outfit for the remaining course.

Step 5...
The reverse and uncouple recouple Test...
Before anyone can go for a driving test they have to have a certificate to show they have completed a reverse and uncouple recouple test. again nobody ever has to worry about this City Driver Training has 2 reverse pads there will never be any waiting around. scared of tests no worries we have our own examiners! and if you fail don't worry its a free retest for all students at CITY.

Step 6...
Driving test...
The stabilisers are off and go do us proud. trust us we will be as nervous as you going for test. But never fear with our great team of office staff and driving instructor we will make test day as relaxing for you as can be.

Step 7...
Mod 4 (The walk round)
ANOTHER TEST!!! but dont worry training roughly takes a couple of hours. and with our own examiners when ever your ready its test time..

Step 8...
shake our hands goodbye...
That's it your a lorry driver and will be in the CITY PASS CLUB!! Not only that you will be forever in the CITY family.

Don't believe me go see our reviews.


Theory revision
Mod 2 case studies
class 2 class 1 driver training
Mod 3 (driving test)
CPC Mod 4 (walk round)

full course

Including CPC

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