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Estimated time to pass: 2 days
17 seater minibus course. Everything you need to get your minibus licence.

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D1 & D1+E courses

If you wish to drive a minibus and you have gained your driving licence before 1st January 1997 you will be able to drive a D1 category vehicle. However, if you have obtained your licence after 1st January 1997, you will not have the D1 category licence and will be required to undergo D1 training to drive a D1 vehicle legally.

Driving licences obtained before 1st January 1997 already hold the D1 category but with the 101 restriction in place. This means that while you can drive a minibus, you cannot drive it for hire or reward. You can find more information on minibus driving here.

If you wish to gain your D1 licence you are required to undergo a D1 training course and test. To take the test, you must hold a valid category B licence and be at least 21-years old.

You may drive a minibus if:

You’re 21-Years Old
You’ve Had Your Driving Licence for 2-Years or More
You Meet ‘Group 2 Medical Standards’ If You’re Over 70
You’re Driving on a Voluntary Basis & The Minibus is Used for Social Purposes by a Non-Commercial Body
The Maximum Weight of the Minibus is No More Than 3.5 Tonnes or 4.25 Tonnes Including Specialist Equipment
You’re Not Towing a Trailer

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D1+E 10 hour course

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