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Estimated time to pass: 2 days
Category C1+ E is the licence group required for a van between 3,500 and 7,500kg with a trailer over 750kgs. Candidates must already hold a C1 or C licence in order take this test.

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We usually find that the majority of C1+E drivers already have a C1 licence and are already in employment, and the requirements of the business have changed. For example, we have dealt with several removals firms who already had a fleet of C1 vehicles and realised that the most cost-effective way to increase their payload capacity was to invest in trailers for their existing vehicles. Likewise we also recently handled a large contract for a utilities company who needed their Engineers to be able tow large reels of telecoms cabling.There are other recreational uses for C1+E licences, for example those with large caravan combinations, or those who need to be able to tow a boat or a trailer of motorbikes. We also hear from a lot of tradesmen, for example tree surgeons or landscape gardeners who may need to move bulky machinery, as well as horsebox drivers whose weight requirements mean they need the extra towing capacity of this higher-level licence.Whatever your reasons for needing a C1+E licence, our Training Advisers and Instructors are experts at tailoring the course to suit you. Your Personal Training Adviser will discuss with you what sort of recruitment support you’ll need once you’ve passed, and your Instructor will discuss your reasons for undertaking the course end ensure that the training week meets your requirements.

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