Comments from previous pupils

I have selected a few of my previous pupils comments from their "Learning to Drive" experience. These pupils have passed their test either at Rochdale or Failsworth Test Centres.

Thank you for all your help and support when taking my driving lessons. Really kind and reassuring. Very reliable and flexible with times. Would highly recommend. Thanks again for everything. X

It takes patience and people skills to make a learner driver feel comfortable enough to believe that one day they will be able to drive. Suzanne has the required qualities to do so and from day one I felt totally at ease with her and my trust had been won.

It seems like a long time ago now since I first sat down behind the wheel and put my feet on the pedals, but step by step I was taken through the many stages that a learner must travel through on their journey to passing their test.

Suzanne made me believe in myself and showed me the right balance of the many skills an instructor must have to teach their pupil. She was understanding, informative, persuasive, determined and firm when necessary without sounding authoritative.

Teaching someone to drive is one thing, getting them to pass their test is another. But having had the pleasure of Suzanne´s extensive expertise, I can now understand why her pass rate is of the highest standard. By the end of MY personal journey, I felt that I had gained many skills and built up my confidence to such an extent that here was no stopping me. Plus, because of Suzanne´s personality I felt like I had been taught by a friend, which is always going to make ANYONE feel more comfortable.

Suzanne was there with me every step of the way, from the first moment I turned the ignition key, to the last moment when I was told I had passed my test. Even now when I drive alone I can still hear Suzanne´s expert advice in my ears.

Thank you Suzanne, I would recommend you to anybody.

Kind regards

Gary Webzell

Suzanne was a fantastic instructor she helped me gain confidence in driving and confidence in myself. She makes you feel at ease. I passed the second time around as I asked to do my first test, even though I knew I was not ready but I wanted to get a feel of how the test was. I would highly recommend Suzanne as an instructor as she is patient, caring and is very very flexible with lessons.

Learning to drive with Suzanne was a brilliant experience.

I had already had a number of lessons when I was 17 but didn´t manage to finish them, coming back into the lesson at a later age was a little scary at first, as I was unsure if I would remember the basics. Suzanne put me at ease straight away and within 10 minutes of the lesson I was driving.

Suzanne´s way of teaching was different than what I was use to, but Suzanne´s way was a lot simpler than the way I knew, I learnt lots of easier ways to drive, including manoeuvres.

And passed first time!

I would strongly recommend Suzanne (city driver training) to anyone wanting to learn quickly and safely.

And also to pass first time!

You are in the best hands with Suzanne !

Suzanne is a very patient , calm and friendly instructor, which are all great qualities especially for nervous students, which is what I was when I began lessons with her.

Suzanne provides good structured lessons , where she thoroughly explains things and provides good reasoning, she also gives positive encouragement to build up her pupils confidence, but at the same time she also offers constructive analysis on any weaknesses.

Another positive thing is that Suzanne is a very professional instructor who is extremely reliable and flexible when offering lessons. She is always very effective in communicating with her pupils,

for example she will always inform you if she is going to be even a few minutes late for a lesson , which is a very courteous and helpful

trait and is something I unfortunately did not experience with other instructors.

Furthermore the lessons Suzanne gives are great value for money in terms of how she does not rush any lessons, just because the time of

the lesson is drawing towards the end, instead she will keep practicing any weak manoeuvres or going over other areas that need improvement.

Suzanne is a very knowledgeable lady who will teach her pupils extra things which may not necessarily be on the driving syllabus , but which you will definitely need and appreciate once you have passed your test

and drive in everyday life.

Finally Suzanne is a very easy going lady with a good sense of humour,who is supportive and a very good listener and I would highly recommended her to anyone who wishes to learn driving and pass.

Trushar Prajapati

When i first started looking for a driving instructor i just typed in google for instructors close to my house and suzanne´s site came up so i literally rang the first one i saw, but im glad i did as she got me comfortable with driving straight away and took it one step at a time until i got to the point that i could drive independently and it went from there. Suzanne is very organized, knows her stuff and takes care of everything for you, so you dont have to worry, i would recommend her to any new driver in need of guidance.

Thanks for all your help Suzanne and best of luck to you.


Learning to drive with Suzanne was a throughly enjoyable experience. Her calm and collected manner helped me throughout the process. Her calm approach eventually rubbed off onto me, which allowed me to pass both my theory and practical tests first time. Learning to drive with City Driver Training allowed me to look forward to every lesson I had; with Suzanne being flexible with lesson times and doing her best to fit me in around school and social timetables. Even though I didn´t always have full confidence in myself Suzanne constantly reassured me and the faith she showed within me pushed me to gain the result I wanted. As everyone makes mistakes throughout the course of their lessons, when i made a mistake Suzanne would make sure I knew why I went wrong as well as ensuring I knew how to correct it if it ever happened again. Her relaxed and friendly approach allowed me to build my confidence lesson after lesson. It is obvious Suzanne is passionate about her job and ensures that all her students gain the full knowledge and understanding they need to become a safe and successful driver. Without Suzanne I doubt I would have been able to succeed in both tests as well as I did. For anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy and friendly instructor; Suzanne is definitely the perfect instructor...
Learning to drive with Suzanne was a throughly enjoyable experience. Her calm and collected manner helped me throughout the process. her calm approach eventually rubbed off onto me, which allowed me to pass both my theory and practical tests first time. Learning to drive with city driver training allowed me to look forward to

Suzanne Woolard at City Driver Training: Excellent instructor. Very patient and always explains things very clearly, and keeps repeating and repeating the key points, so much so that I could hear her voice in my head when i was driving when she wasnt even speaking ha ha. "MIRRORS", "MSM":) But thats be best way of learning because soon it becomes second nature to you. She even put up with (and answererd) my relentless onslaught of questions, even when they were nothing about driving but about random thoughts going on in my head ha ha, I just couldn´t catch her out!:) All in all, shes a very nice, easy going person who is a pleasure to be around, which makes it so much easier doing something which could otherwise be stressful. Shes always on time, as flexible as she can be in terms of lesson time and where she picks you up and drops you off. All in all, I would highly recommend her, not because she was my driving instructor and I passed with her because its obviously a common thing to recommend your own instructor, but because I genuinely believe shes good at what she does and I think I was lucky to pick her out of all the instructors out there today.

Jenni Dodd

I was really nervous on my first few lessons, and often went too slow. But Suzanne really helped to build my confidence. We practiced lots of general day to day driving, sticking mainly to test routes and around the test centre so that on my test I was familiar with the roads. Suzanne used her knowledge of past driving tests to explain common mistakes which makes you less likely to do the same. It did not take long for my driving to be of a good standard, but manoeuvres were my weak point. Suzanne did not just teach me how to do the manoeuvres to pass the test, but made sure I knew how to correct myself if things went wrong, and ensured I understood the principles of what I was doing and not just learning a routine. Suzanne offers a flexible timetable and I had lessons at a range of different times to ensure I was prepared for all driving conditions, and she was always on time. Her patience really helped settle my nerves and gain confidence and her knowledge helped me to learn to drive well and, having passed first time with only two minors, I would recommend her to anyone!

Suzanne was a very helpful instructor, she was always on time and available for lessons. Suzanne was extremely encouraging and friendly and helped me pass first time, by focusing on my driving weaknesses and easing me into the test.

Jennifer passed both her theory and practical tests first time. She attends The Blue Coat School and lives in Rochdale.

Photo waiting to be uploaded.

When I started my driving lessons, I was a very nervous driver and had bad experiences with other instructors in the past. Sue made me feel relaxed and made me believe I could pass my test too, which I did first time for theory and practical.

I found my lessons very enjoyable and was always able to fit my lessons in to my schedule when it suited me. My lessons were always on time and never cancelled. I would feel more than happy to forward my friends and family to have there lessons with sue as well.

Learning to drive with Suzanne was a very enjoyable experience, one which I always looked forward to. Her patience, commitment and flexibility were second to none and teaching style perfect as she provided me with a lot of confidence, but she was also quick to provide constructive criticism when needed to ensure that I knew if I had done something wrong and how to correct it in future. Suzanne is a very pleasant woman with a good sense of humour that makes the highly nervous process of learning to drive so much easier and more enjoyable. I went into both my practical and theory tests full of confidence and passed both first time, mostly thanks to Suzanne. I would recommend City Driver Training to anybody who wants to learn to drive safely and quickly.

Learning to drive with City Driver Training was a very enjoyable experience, Suzanne was a very positive instructor who helped me to overcome any difficulties that I had whilst learning to drive. Definitely recommend using City Driver Training to anyone who wants to pass first time! Thanks a lot for everything.

Thank you for all your help Suzanne, very supportive, reliable and patient with me. My driving experience with Suzanne (City Driver Training) was pleasant and I would highly recommend her.

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your help.

I chose to learn how to drive using the City Driver Training School because after my first lesson it was evident that Suzanne is a very committed teacher who wants the best for her students. Learning with Suzanne was great fun as she is understanding and patient towards an individual’s different pace of learning. Suzanne's flexibility towards different timetables and availabilities were essential to helping me pass within a relatively short period of time and she was very understanding when it came to complications such as moving to university. Suzanne gave me the confidence to pass my practical and theory tests 1st time and her guidance post-examination was a real help in ensuring I remain a safe driver for the entirety of my time on the road. I would recommend the City Driving School to any new drivers looking to learn safely, efficiently and have a fun time along the way. Dean Holt (Student, University of Cambridge)

Well, I joined Suzanne in April and I passed my test first time in July. It was a great experience to learn with someone who knew how to do their job properly and teach people how to actually drive! Suzanne knew when I was ready for my test and it did not take me long to actually learn everything. In the past I have had a lot of lessons from other instructors but the things that I learnt from Suzanne were different and done in a proper way. I would recommend anyone to learn with Suzanne, she is a wonderful person to learn with. She is great and fun person to actually get on with while learning how to drive and I found that the most important thing.

Thank you for the experience and it was a pleasure learning with you.....

Driving with Suzanne has given me the skills I need in order to drive safely and confidently on the roads. Learning to drive was a challenge at first, but through my practical lessons I quickly become equipped with all the necessary skills, which helped me to pass both my theory and practical tests first time. Learning to drive with Suzanne was a fun experience and I very much appreciate all the help and advice that was given to me throughout this time.

I highly recommend City Driver Training, Suzanne was very positive about my driving throughout my lessons and always worked hard to overcome my weaknesses.

Thanks a lot for everything.

A very friendly, reliable, supportive and patient female instructor with a car ideal for learners; modern, stylish and fairly small in size. Very good hourly rate and a great deal for students, flexible training times which help fit around college/work. Knowledgeable instructor who will guide you and help you to pass, first time. Highly recommend!

"Learning from Suzanne was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Under her guidance, I went into both my theory and practical tests in full confidence, and passed both first time. Her patience and professionalism made me feel at ease behind the wheel, and I looked forward to every lesson. I would really recommend Suzanne to all potential learner drivers."

Get on the road to your licence with City Driver Training, female driving instructor.
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